The YouthPolitics Team

Daniel Lawes
Founder, CEO

Daniel Lawes is an 19 year old activist from Manchester and the Founder & CEO of YouthPolitics UK. He is currently in his first year at university studying History & International Relations at LSE. He is an ambassador of His Majesty’s #iWill Campaign and was one of 20 young leaders from across the world to be awarded the Princess Diana Legacy Award.
Ben Fleming
Chief Operating Officer

Ben has been with YouthPolitics since 2017, working originally as Head of Events to organise our inaugural conference, before becoming COO and Head of YouthPolitics Edinburgh. Ben is currently a student of History and Politics at the University of Edinburgh. A passionate advocate of social reform, democracy and equality, Ben has been active in politics since 2015.
Namitha Aravind

Namitha is an incoming student of Economics & Politics at the LSE. She has spent a year interning at various political organisations, think-tanks and broadcasting houses. As Editor-in-Chief, she works with a range of journalists of all abilities to create interesting and varied pieces that highlight the issues young people care about.
Safa Al-Azami
Head of Events

Safa is studying Maths, Economics, English language and French for A-Levels. She has been interested in politics since she was 13, after following the 2015 General Election. She is currently a political activist, particularly passionate about feminism, the environment and youth engagement into politics. After attending YPUK’s first conference, she was inspired to apply for the position of Head of Events. Now, as a member of YouthPolitics she aspires to recreate the experience by organising the next conference.
Sarmed Hyder
Head of YouthPolitics London

Sarmed Hyder is currently a first year university student at the London School of Economics and works as the Head of YouthPolitics London. He manages all the activities and the overall presence of YouthPolitics in London which includes setting up events and campaigns specifically for the London area. As the city that first welcomed his parents, Sarmed has always felt a close personal connection with London. Sarmed looks forward to helping his city grow to an even greater level with its youth engagement.
Amy Dunning
Head of Campaigns

Amy became a member of the YouthPolitics team from the outset, working as Campaigns Manager for the inaugural conference. She now studies Spanish at the University of Oxford, but has maintained a keen interest in politics, and continues to work with a variety of campaigns for change at local, regional and national levels. Her main interests involve mobilising underrepresented groups and seeking long-lasting social moves towards equality.
Dylan Meringue
Project Manager
Lance Bogrol
Norman Gordon
Content Writer
Dylan Meringue
Jason Response
Lance Bogrol
Lurch Schpellchek
Druid Wensleydale
Marketing Expert

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