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London Voter Registration Week 2020 began 5 days ago and it ends tomorrow, but you can register to vote all year round as long as you're 16+!

Don't take your right to vote for granted

Get registered = Get heard

#NoVoteNoVoice 🗳️📢 https://t.co/Nbin5gC1Vp
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Moving to university this September? Remember to register to vote in your new residence! Go to:
➡️ https://t.co/UEiOUFKIBp

Get a voice, get registered 📢🗳️

#NoVoteNoVoice https://t.co/xhNrI68NrP
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Unlike adopting a puppy, it takes less than 5 minutes to register to vote, that's 5 minutes work to give yourself the power to change your local community #NoVoteNoVoice https://t.co/sRaKOca7d1 YPUK_ photo

Continuing on our theme of #LVRW, London Voter Registration Week, here's a handy guide to how you can sign up to vote, and young people have our voices heard! And did you know that registering to vote can boost your credit score? Thanks to our friends @Shoutout_UK for the info! https://t.co/CrnjFnF0dN

It's the beginning of #LVRW, London Voter Registration Week, led by our friends at @Shoutout_UK. Make sure you sign up to vote! It takes less than 5 minutes, and it means that you, and young people all over the country, can have their voices heard.

https://t.co/UEiOUFKIBp https://t.co/5V0kpHRjGc
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"It is increasingly clear that deepfakes are a problem that urgently needs resolving by those holding political power."

Jack Crockford, 19, reflects on the threat that political deepfakes pose to our democracy.



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