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YouthPolitics is an award winning non-profit organisation dedicated to giving the youth a voice. 

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Your vote counts

We encourange young people who are eligible to register to vote.

Join a non-partisan political group that works to have young voices heard and debates started in Parliment.


Through the vast use of social media we hope to draw in thousands of young people to our website.



By means of our website & events we hope to provide an insight into the importance of Politics.



Through meetings, workshops and talks from experts, we to hope debate ideas.


Equipped with the skills needed, we hope to implement real social change.

About YouthPolitics

YouthPolitics UK is an award winning, youth led organisation dedicated to engaging young people into the political process and providing them with a platform to express their views. Through debates, talks and workshops from experts across the country we hope to equip the youth with the skills needed to successfully implement social change. We offer free, valuable training in debating, public speaking, campaigning, economics, political journalism and policy-making.  

YouthPolitics was founded in 2016 by a young people who wanted to ensure that the young people of the United Kingdom had a platform to effectively express their views. The organisation primarily serves as a platform for young people by allowing them to send in opinion articles on the website and linking them with high profile decision makers, campaigns and partners. It also organises free training sessions and events across the country, providing young people with the skills needed to enact positive social change. The organisation is made up of an ambitious group of young adults from a diverse range of backgrounds, who all share a desire to mobilise our generation to become more politically active.

We hope that you enjoy looking around our website and please do get in touch using the form at the bottom of the page if you have any questions or would like to get involved!

The YouthPolitics Team 


Mission & Values

Our aim is to mobilise a generation of young adults to become more politically active. This starts with engaging them through social media and grassroots projects such as school initiatives. We then aim to ensure that there is accessible political education to all those who seek it through our learn section and articles. An exchange of ideas is also key to our mission through our events, debates and opinion articles. Finally, we act as a facilitator, linking young people with partner campaigns according to their interests.

If you would like to help our mission or get involved in any way, please do get in touch using the form below!!

News & Updates

Coronavirus was a political miracle for Johnson

'Coronavirus has shielded the government from Brexit and the controversy and chaos surrounding it.' Luke argues that coronavirus has ultimately benefitted Johnson's administration. As tragic as it’s impacts are, the coronavirus crisis could not have come at a better...

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Our Philopsophy

The YouthPolitics UK philosophy is a simple but sensible one.


Youth services are neglected

What happens if the Youth don’t vote? Well, key services such as youth mental health are neglected.


Spread the word

We attempt to spread the word of our work through social media.

Then the magic happens

If we can equip the youth with the knowledge, skills and confidence needed to campaign.

Proactive campaigning

Members are then able to fight for causes which they feel passionate about.

Better services for the youth

If proactive in politics, politicians will want our votes, resulting in more funding to our services.

More informed future voters

Being more politically engaged individuals, our democracy will strengthen.

Upcoming Events

A Vision For The Future

At a time when our views often get dismissed by MPs and when young people’s voices often go unheard, an initiative is needed to enhance the democratic voices of thousands.


For youth, from youth

YouthPolitics UK is a new non-profit organisation created by young adults which has the aim of engaging teenagers and young adults across the country into current affairs, our democratic rights and how parliament works.


Contribute to a Cause

The initiative also acts as a platform for young adults to express strong views that they may have about certain issues by submitting articles which later feature on the website.