Amongst other things, YouthPolitics UK takes pride in our work advising members of the Government, opposition and MPs, in addition to teaching staff and other organisations on how to encourage youth social action, political engagement and participation within the political process. We have worked with prestigious organisations and individuals develop plans on how to inspire the next generation in their particular field.


Founder & Editor, Dan Lawes, discussing youth engagement in the political process, education policy and the work of YouthPolitics UK with the Prime Minister, Theresa May.


Furthermore, our Launch Conference saw the launch of our new ‘Think-Tank’, which gained an overwhelming amount of positive feedback. The Think-Tank will involve the YouthPolitics Research team, with the help of experts, publishing in depth reports on relevant issues, which will be used by political parties and organisations for future policy developments. The following reports will be published and availble on this page in the upcoming months.


June 2018 – ‘The potential impact of lowering / getting rid of tuition fees’.

July 2018 – ‘The potential impact of extending the franchise (votes at 16) on the political process’

August 2018 – ‘Funding to youth mental health services’

September 2018 – ‘The potential impact of Brexit on young adults’


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