YouthPolitics Researcher

The research aspect of the organisation has grown exponentially since its launch at our conference. Unique to YouthPolitics, we aim to provide detailed research papers on the impacts of current legislation, in addition to assessing legislative proposals on young adults living in the United Kingdom. To do such a thing, we need a group of talented individuals who will help contribute to writing the papers and who will also speak to policy experts, academics and government officials who we have links with. This is an absolutely incredible opportunity for anyone wishing to study any subject at University, especially if wanting to study Politics, International Relations, History, Law and English. It will be an invaluable asset to have for UCAS applications and CVs, as well as being an interesting role which will allow you to carry out independent research which will eventually be published.


This role is extremely flexible, but you will be expected to contribute to at least one research paper.


A basic knowledge of the political process is required, but anyone between the ages of 16-25 who has a fluent writing style and a genuine interest in researching key issues which affect the youth is welcome!

If the role sounds like it is right up your street, just fill out the application form and attach it when applying. You also have an option to send us another letter with more information if you would like – but this isn’t necessary. We would love to have you on board!

Job Benefits

Job Benefits

– Outstanding for UCAS

– Extremely valuable for CV

– Make incredible connections, in the political, charity and legal industries

– Work with an amazing team of like minded individuals



If you have anymore questions, please contact Alex Mathews at alexmathews157@gmail.com or our editor at editor@youthpolitics.org.uk.

Position: YouthPolitics Researcher

Thank you for submitting your application. We will contact you shortly!

Employment Type
Voluntary - great for UCAS & CVs!
Beginning of employment
Always hiring!
Job Location
Working Hours
Extremely flexible, 1-2 hours a week.
Date posted
May 11, 2018